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Add Value In Your Home With Grills

One of the best ways to spruce up your backyard and add value to your home is with a custom-made outdoor cooking area. You might think this is tough, but the grill part is easy, this is the cage for that which is challenging. Most gas grills can be purchased head-only, meaning you don’t get the wagon, just the working part of the grill. Charcoal grills probably don’t require more than a few stovetops, which you can buy from most grills department stores or at https://bbqgrillsgalore.com/best-natural-gas-grills/.

Or you can get a custom grill. These prefabricated units can be brought in and erected one afternoon. However, they can be expensive and if you don’t live near the manufacturer, you may end up with a significant shipping bill. If you have basic DIY skills, you can get what you want by building it yourself. You might be wondering what do you want in a custom grill? Review exactly what you want before starting the project. Gas or charcoal grill, what amenities would you like, such as cupboards, sinks, refrigerators, running water, electricity, natural gas, and lighting?

1. Gas or Charcoal: Gas grills give you the advantage of controlled heat and features like side burners, rotisseries, and lids that let you grill almost anything. While charcoal grills can have these same features it can be a bit more difficult to get them as there aren’t many options on pre-made charcoal grills that can be installed in special enclosures. But charcoal gives you a more authentic grilled taste and there’s something more primal and romantic about cooking over coals. This is one decision that you should give a lot of thought to when you start planning your custom grill.

2. Running water: A small tank and faucet near your grill area will save you a lot of traveling around the house. If you live in a freezing area you need to make sure you have an indoor shut-off valve and a way to drain the drains in the fall. You may or may not need to use antifreeze in this line.