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The Causes Of Itchy Nose and The Connection Of Hay Fever and Way To Cure It

Do you suffer from runny nose, stuffy nose and sneezing at different times of the day? Do you wake up tired and not feeling well? Are you often tired early in the morning? Of course, you will need a doctor to evaluate your situation, if you have, and they can not do anything about it, except to prescribe you antihistamines, then consider this another mouth. This problem can be related to the food you eat. There are two main groups of foods that can cause these allergic reactions. These are milk and wheat products. I add the third, and that is all the prepared food. This includes junk food.

You want to know the cause of this problem, don’t you? This advice may not help everyone because allergic reactions can be caused by many things https://tipsfromtia.com/2020/03/my-nose-has-never-been-so-itchy/.

You need to eliminate these three factors and analyze your situation from there. You will be able to identify exactly what may be causing these reactions. The only way to do this is to follow an elimination diet. This may be difficult to do at first, but if you really want to find out the cause and not rely on other drugs, then this diet is highly recommended.

Cut out all dairy products. This includes some juices, yogurt, cheese, butter, some soups and snacks. Corn is found in almost everything, so it’s one of the hardest foods to eliminate. Be sure to read the label on the product packaging before buying or consuming it. This food group includes breads, cereals, crackers and many salty foods as well as some foods and soups. Finally, do your best to eliminate processed foods such as fast food and fatty foods.

Follow a strict diet for a week. Keep a food diary and note any changes in your condition.
Then first introduce dairy products and see what happens. In the first week, you need to introduce only milk. If you find that congestion, runny nose and the nose is coming back, you have found your problem, but not introducing wheat products. Do this for all three meals. I strongly recommend that you cut down on processed foods and junk food, because they are bad for everyone and can cause health problems in the future. Food elimination diets are very useful in helping to identify specific food allergies. It is better to treat the cause of the disease than the symptoms themselves. At first your body may go into a sort of detox reaction, but stick to the diet.