This Flower Bucket Series Is Often Selected By The Bride

Bucket flowers are still an option to be used as a gift for someone, but to choose the right flower bucket there are still many people who have trouble. Moreover, if the flower bucket is to bucket flower for the wedding. Choosing the right place for flower arranging is a difficult thing. One of the places to choose from is a flower shop. You only need to choose flowers and buckets, info that match the theme of the wedding you will hold.

There are some bucket flowers that are usually chosen by the bride:

1. Bucket Round Cluster
This bucket has a round shape and is usually smaller than other designs. The arrangement of these buckets consists of a bunch of flowers and a few green plants.

2. Hand-Tied
This flower bucket shows a fresh flower stalk and makes the bride to look as if she has been picking flowers in the garden.

3. Bucket Cascade
This bucket series looks more formal than other series. The appearance of this bucket usually resembles a waterfall that flows from top to bottom.

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