Tips For Car Coating

Today’s car owners have done a lot of coatings from car detailing san diego. This aims to make the car body shiny so that it can be like new, moreover, it can also be a paint protector such for example due to scratches, scratches, etc. However, don’t assume that if you have done a coating it can make a body that is anti-scratched. Because the coating function itself is only as paint protection and nothing more. The coating itself also functions as an inhibitor of the oxidation process that occurs due to weather, tree sap, or bird droppings, so it can prevent faded or moldy colors.

Then, even after you’ve applied the coating, there are special treatments that you must do. Our advice is that after you have applied the coating, you should wait until it dries for a few days, generally 2, 5- 3 days you must wait for the coating liquid to dry completely. This is intended so that the coating arrangement can dry naturally. Because the original arrangement that looks dry is only the outside, but the inside is still wet.

It is also recommended not to wash a car using shampoo for 2 weeks. If your car is dirty, just rinse it with enough water. Look for a coating product that has certain uniqueness when it dries completely. So, during the 2 week drying period, the color will gradually glow. Only after 2 weeks, the best color will come out and durable. Then the next suggestion, it is not recommended to polish the body that has been coated too often. The reason is obvious that self-polishing is only intended to remove stubborn mold and fine scratches. As long as you have carried out regular washing, this method is sufficient to protect the durability of the coating itself and is sufficient to protect the gloss of the body.

Get used to using a special Ph balanced car shampoo, so that your car is comfortable on the coating layer. Then the proper and correct method of washing itself is quite simple, is to make it a habit to spray the whole body so that coarse dirt such as dust, soil, or the remaining gravel is rinsed off. After that, you can wash using a Ph balanced car shampoo. Therefore, do not have time to use dish soap, floor soap, bath soap, and so on, because it can erode the body layer.
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