Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Odors On Carpets

Doing regular cleaning on the carpet at home is indeed an important thing to do so that you avoid the pungent smell of the carpet because it is rarely cleaned or washed but not too clean. that’s what causes the carpet to smell even though you have washed it. If you want a more practical way without you having to be difficult, you can use the carpet cleaning north shore services. But if you want to know-how. You don’t need to worry, after you know the tips for washing the carpet so it does not smell, you will be able to immediately wash your carpet according to the following tips ultra brite carpet tile cleaning.

So actually, after your carpet is clean of stains and dust, you can sprinkle baking soda evenly, make sure you use baking soda that has not been used before, or use baking soda that you just bought. If the baking soda clumps then you can smooth it with your hands, let stand for about 3 hours. But if the carpet has a very unpleasant smell, then you can leave it for one night. after that, you can clean your carpet again using only a vacuum cleaner until there are no traces of baking soda attached to your carpet. Make sure when you clean using a vacuum cleaner, no one comes close to the area.

After you have cleaned all the baking soda attached to your carpet, then for maximum cleaning results to make the unpleasant odor disappear. You can mix several ingredients such as a quarter of baking soda, 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 5 ml of liquid soap, and one liter of water into one. When finished, you can pour it into a water spray bottle, then you can spray it directly on the carpet. Make sure you use gloves when you make the mixture and when you spray.
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